Hello we are a family and our little one is going on 4 she loves dogs and Think it's time we find one. We had a saint Bernard he's hole life until he passed from cancer it's taking a toll on us but we are ready to put our love and time into a forever pup or dog. We also want you to know you are welcome to come and visit the dog and will update with pictures we have a big backyard fenced Aswell it's been hard on our little girl and she keeps asking for another dog we hope someone can make her smile by allowing us to love and care for the dog again u may come visit any day and we promise to love him or her care take for long walks and won't be left alone. There's so many scams and we ask not to contact us if Ur gonna say the dog will be shipped we aren't interested and have lost money that way so we will not fall for it we simply ha e a little girl just wanting to love a dog from when she wakes up till she goes to bed like she did with our dear Charlie who's in heaven. We are praying for a forever dog. Thank you

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