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Shorkie Poo Puppies Shorkie Poo Puppies
Shorkie Poo Puppies Shorkie Poo Puppies
Shorkie Poo Puppies Shorkie Poo Puppies

2 Shorkie Poo puppies left looking for kind, caring and loveable homes. 1 girl, named Willow, has black curly hair and white on nose and chest. 1 boy, named Alfie, has black curly hair. Mother, ( my dog) is a ShihPoo, cross of Shih Tzu and Poodle. Father,( my brothers dog) is a Yorkie Poo, cross of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle. This was a planned breeding and is a one shot deal as both parents getting fixed. I am not a breeder or puppy mill. Pups have hair that grows ( not fur) and are non -shedding. They will need regular professional grooming. Supposed to be non-allergenic, but I will not warranty that. Both pups are now 7 lbs. 14 weeks old and have had 1st and 2nd vet checks, shots and deworming. Will be up to 10-15 lbs max full grown. They are indoor lap dogs and love to be around people who will love and cuddle them. Will need regular daily walks outside to do their business. Pee pad trained and currently working on outdoors training. Very energetic at this age so will need homes that can keep up. I’m very particular on where they go, so I will interview you. Located 20 mins south of Peterborough. Contact if interested. Price: $1200 for the girl. $1000 for the boy.

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705-77- 705-772-8787

Peterborough Area

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