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Two puppies still need homes! They are ready to go on Thursday! We reduced the price to $650.00! Shepherd/Lab Puppies for Sale We have four beautiful black puppies available for adoption. The mother is a German Shepherd and Black Lab mix. (with some Heeler and possibly Australian Shepherd) . She is a mid-size dog, about 70 pounds. The father was a Black Lab (sorry, I don’t know if he was purebred). They were born the night of December 4th and they will be ready to go to a new home on January 30th. They are all healthy and hearty. They were vet-checked and will be going back to the vet for their first shots on January 24th. The puppies have been well-socialized with people and kids. The mother is a wonderful family pet but also a very good watchdog and very protective of the family and the property (ie very friendly except with strangers on our property!...she has a forceful “German Shepherd” bark!) At five weeks, each puppy has its own, unique personality: “Little Tux” or “Oliver” (or “Brutus”) is the biggest of the bunch. He is friendly and playful. He is all black except for a small amount of white on his chest. His paws are bigger than the others, so he will probably be a bigger dog. “Big Tux” or “Remington Steele” is very adventurous and friendly. He is the “explorer”. Remington is also black with a longer streak of white on his chest. He is the most “out-going” of the litter but he can be “laid back”....literally...he is the only puppy that doesn’t mind laying on his back on my lap! “Nightly” is the only puppy that is completely black. She is a little quieter. She can be playful but she also likes to snuggle up on your lap or in a corner. “Tippy” is the smallest and the most “timid” of the litter. She is uniquely coloured. She is mostly black but her paws have some spotted brown and one paw on her hind legs has a little white on the tip. She likes to cuddle and be held securely. Please text me at 519 807-1544 if you would like to adopt any of these puppies. You are welcome to come and see them. If you decide to pick one, we will hold it for $100.00 cash. We accept cash only for the puppies and they will be available for pick-up on or after January 30th.

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