READY NOW! Goldendoodle puppies - please contact

READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies
READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies
READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies
READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies READY NOW!  Goldendoodle puppies

COME VISIT TODAY! PUPPIES READY TO GO! We are registered; licensed breeders - we are regularly inspected - we are a family business. PUPPIES ARE $2500 *******We’ve got lots of choices! visit the website litters page to see available pups. ******Touch the link******* ******** Want to visit? We take appointments. We are located in Lindsay Ontario. See our website for a map. We are Holistic breeders of medium sized retriever Doodles in Lindsay Ontario. (North of Toronto) We are building a greener dog. We specialize in helping first time dog owners and people looking for therapy dogs - medium Labradoodles and goldendoodles ___________________________________________ TOTAL PRICE FOR ALL Colours IS $2500 ($500 deposit and $2000 when pup is 8 weeks of age ) (We do not charge more for rare or special colours) ———————————————— **** special offer**** Our black goldendoodles litter is on sale for $2250 a puppy. They are Ready to go. Call to visit by appointment. ——————————————- $2500 is our complete price. Puppies come with: A great socialized personality; a 2 Yr Guarantee; First vaccine shots; Dewormed Parasite prevention Food education Puppy Care info package Collar Leash Toy Blanket Breeder support and education —————————— We want help you find your Next Best Friend.... Many of our puppies become companion and therapy dogs. WE BREED FOR CALM TEMPERAMENT. We only breed MEDIUM dogs for their predictable demeanour and size. (unlike miniatures). ——————————- SIZE - MEDIUM ONLY We only breed medium sized (40-55 lb) retriever Doodles. Why we don’t breed miniatures? Miniatures are known to be insecure, needy, noisy like many small breed dogs. They can be FEAR BITERS - not the best pet for your family and CHILDREN. MINIATURE DOODLES end up with a split personality - like a bipolar personality because of the two opposite personalities of the parents. WE USE A SMALL STANDARD POODLE - A MOYEN (MEDIUM) SIZED POODLE - AND SMALL RETRIEVERS. ——————————————————- WHEN TO GET A PUP. Best timing to get a puppy is during your regular work pattern or schedule. Taking off a month or two to “train” your puppy only results in having to “re-train your puppy again to get used to the NEW schedule. Much harder on the puppy and you. A few days to get him used to being alone a bit at a time and using a crate is suggested. 
—————————————————— COAT STYLE What kind of doodle do you want? —————— **F1 loose curl** Half retriever/half poodle) Virtually no shedding. Loose curl waves Fluffy Shaggy look. Shorter legs. Thicker body mass /muscle) ————— **F1b curly *** (Less retriever - more poodle) Best choice for Allergy concerns /virtually no shedding Curly teddy bear look Longer legs. Slighter body frame —————————————————- RESERVATIONS: We book reservation deposits based on client wishes on sex, colour, size and ready date. A $500 non refundable DEPOSIT is required to RESERVE your puppy from Upcoming litters. **See “DEPOSIT” page on our website to place a deposit on a litter or puppy** Etransfer or in person is fine while visiting. Pups go home when the at 8 weeks But your puppy is old enough at 6 weeks to meet you. ————————— Visiting your puppy- You can pick your puppy and visit your pup at 6 weeks. They go home at 8 weeks We can ship anywhere in Canada or deliver to most Ontario locations in person- call for fees. We invite you to come see our 96 acre ranch for yourself....appointments daily. Monday to Saturday. —————————- We breed for Health and Temperament !! 14 + years experience. We have clients all over Canada. DON'T MISS OUT- BOOK NOW We are now taking deposit reservations for upcoming litters. A $500 deposit will hold your spot for a puppy your choice of colour, sex and style. You can place your deposit on our website- “deposit” page. Please; CALL -we can best answer your question in a conversation 705 875 5195 Lin We are available daily for appointments Price is $2500 for all colours. We are located in Lindsay Ontario but we can arrange delivery within Canada -call for fees. To see what others say about us google reviews lakewoodranchdoodles

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