**RARE** Mini Goldendoodle Puppies ** 1 MALE LEFT ** - $1900


Petit Mini Goldendoodle Puppies. Extremely rare, impossible to find. Cute, cuddly, soft and silky hypoallergenic coats. Completely non-shedding. *** 1 MALE AVAILABLE *** ** Under 28 lbs full grown GUARANTEED ** ** 5 YEAR HEALTH GUARANTEE ** After years of practice we have exquisitely produced the finest Mini Golden Doodle puppies only found from us. Carefully selected parents for breeding have given us the opportunity to ensure that these puppies will not exceed 28 lbs full grown. The loving, family oriented mind of the Golden Retriever is paired with the intelligence and hypoallergenic/non-shedding Poodle. This provides the ultimate companion giving your family years of joy, laughter and complete serenity at every moment. Mini Goldendoodles are considered to be the #1 family dog and have been approved to be suitable for small living arrangements such as condo’s in the Greater Toronto Area. Their petite size makes them suitable for travelling to the cottage and also make for ideal hiking and camping buddies. We take pride in our puppies and have ensured that you are taking home the healthiest puppy possible. Every puppy is vaccinated, vet checked, dewormed with 3 different types of dewormer, flea and tick treatment done and fed only responsibly sourced 100% organic dog food. All preventative medical work has been done so you can fully enjoy your new pup when you bring them home. A comprehensive 5 year health guarantee is included with each puppy which is the longest health guarantee offered out of any other Mini Goldendoodle breeder in Canada. It took years of interpretation to have preciously developed one of the rarest designer breeds and now we have brought them to fruition. Presenting our gorgeous dark red male Mini Goldendoodle in pictures 1 through 5 and our red apricot and white male Mini Goldendoodle in pictures 6 through 10. Priced all inclusively @ $1900. Feel free to schedule a viewing for our beautiful puppies by calling 647-818-8073.

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