Pug Puppy - $1400

Pug  Puppy Pug  Puppy
Pug  Puppy Pug  Puppy
Pug  Puppy Pug  Puppy

Due to aviation regulations...pets under age not allowed to enter the plane, so my parents and owner can't take me home. I was born 16-Nov-22 and size little fat , my father (4 years old) and mother (2.5 years old), they are both fawn silverback, my weigh is 1.95 kg. My interest is eating and sleeping, I will go to take a second vaccine coming week, hope you can call my owner and take me home , see you soon~~~~ wow wow. SMS : 647-809-0916 (Text message) Email: lukchungching@gmail.com

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647-80- 647-809-0916

Toronto, ON M5A, City of Toronto

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