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Australian Shepherd Puppy Program Australian Shepherd Puppy Program

INFORMATION My best friend Maggie is having 7 puppies. Two of the perspective males are already sold to people who know my dog well and what I do with the upbringing of these wonderfully intelligent creatures. There are four pups left as of July 4. I will be keeping one pup from the litter family. THE PROGRAM What I am doing here is offering the full experience of the family of Mom and puppies from the day after their birth. I would love to have you here for the actual birth but that is a private matter between a Mom and her pups. This program includes the new owners coming as often as possible to see and experience the puppies mature at my home in Cedar Grove in Markham, Ontario. I am with these animals all the time through the 2 plus months of their growth prior to moving on to your home. They will be going up to a farm over the August long weekend when I go for my yearly week holiday. Aside from that 6 day period. come on by often, have a lemonade or a sandwich spend time with the entire litter. Experience the entire maturation process of your puppy from the first week of their life. Experience the litter growth and play with your puppy. This is very important to me, you, your new puppy, and your family. Then when the pup goes home with you they will be well accustomed to you and the entire process is less stress on the dog and yourself. You know your pup, your pup will know you. And you will have learned a lot about the nuances of the breed. The puppies have a lot of area here they need big space to grow and explore. I have dedicated about a 1000 square foot penned in area for them to play. While you come to experience your pups growth, it let's me share what I have learned about training this breed over the years. This is important to me. It is also good for you and your puppy's growth. These animals trust. They pick up on everything. With a vocabulary of 2,300, the Aussie ranks second to the Standard Poodle's vocabulary of 2,400 in terms of understanding communication. You need to be very careful with an Australian Shepherd. Maggie is due on or about the 17th day of July, her pups will be able to be transition into your home in the week AFTER they are 8 weeks old. That's a rule. They need to learn to be dogs. I will trickle the puppies out one day at a time when they are to move away. Having all of my dog's family disappear in one day won't do. So the pups will be released slowly by the day. That is only fair to Momma. The way I see it as an 8 week adventure and a wonderful experience watching the rapid change and growth of your new family member. It is a huge commitment bringing a dog in your life. It is a huge commitment for me to have my dog endure a pregnancy and the nurturing of a litter for 2 plus months. Bringing an Australian Shepherd into your life is a whole slew of levels above just getting a dog. I wanted to write a book for people to learn the nuances of an Australian Shepherd. It would take far too long however. When I had my first Aussie Shelah, a red merle, back in 1989, no one knew what these dogs were yet. Two years of research led me to this breed. Now they are one of the most popular breeds for people to own. They are however in need of space, and people contact. These are a breed that needs human contact, not to be left alone. Instead of writing the book which I do not have enough paper for, I will share as much as I have learned about developing this breed into one of the best friendships you are likely to experience. Maggie is a Red Tri, and Ollie her mate a black Tri, he is a beautifully well structured dog and his owner is more than happy to confer with you. Well that is the program I am putting together because it is what I want for my puppies. There is more to it all and we can discuss moving forward. I care for these animals a lot. I want to give my dog's pups the best chance for a great life. This is the best way I can think of. I have had Maggie on homemade bone broth since she conceived. The collagen is very good for building strong bones. The puppies will be on a whole life food, supplemented with bone broth, and the like. I am very attentive to her diet and health. Maggie is 5 years old. The puppies are expected to be Black Tri and Red Tri. I know all the rage is the Merle colouring these days, but in reality your buying a dog for the dog, not the fashion. There is a lot more to an Australian Shepherd than how they look. PLEASE TEXT "I am interested in discussing your puppies" to 416-887-2596 I do not use an answering machine, I get far too many of those robo calls, duct cleaning, etc. I will text you back and we can set up a time for me to answer all of your questions. I am always very happy to discuss Australian Shepherds for as long as you want. I would also like to commend this website for being very strict about the sale of puppies through their requirements. It needs to be said.

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