We have a beautiful strong litter of F3 Teddy Bear Pomskys. The mother is an F2 Caramel Pomsky that weights 18lbs. The father is a F2 Chocolate Pomsky that weighs 14lbs. Both parents are vet checked and are 100% healthy. These pups will be loyal and intelligent while being EXTREMELY adorable and friendly. These puppies will thrive in a home with children since they are extremely affectionate and will only be around 15lbs fully grown. They will also do well with elderly and any one who’s single with time to spare. Since they are so small and intelligent training will be a breeze. They will already come potty trained, crate trained, and trained to be able to control themselves with food and water :) They will be available for rehoming on February 1st, we can also hold them until Valentine’s Day if needed. These cute little bundles of joy would make anyone’s day. The absolute best gift for Valentine’s Day :D I only have 3 Males and 1 Female available. Male #1 (Photos 1-2) Mr.Handsome - He is adorable with a personality to match. He is in between playful and calm but he loves affection. He takes after his father and has one blue eye and one eye that is blue and brown it is absolutely stunning. He is 3500 Male #2 (Photos 3-4) Alpha- He is the strongest and fastest in the litter, he is also very playful and loves people. He’s a very smart boy but you can tell he is a little stubborn lol he has his own personality that’s for sure. He has to blue eyes and due to his special characteristics (husky look, male, blue eyes) he is 5000 Male #3 (Photos 5-6) Mr.Teddy He is the smallest in the litter, he is more quite then his siblings and a lot more calm. He is a huge suck for attention from people and training him will be a breeze. He has two brown eyes and he is 2900 Female #1 (Photos 7-8) Ms.perfect - She is an absolute sweetheart, she has the mini husky look but in a white/light blonde coat. She is extremely playful, loves to he held and is a huge suck for belly rubs lol :) she has 2 blue eyes so far but it seems as though one eye has a spec of brown as well, will know more as she gets a bit older. She is 3900 There photos do not do them justice. They are absolute head turners with a personalities to match! Your new Pup will come with almost EVERYTHING you need! They will come with a collar, a leash, puppy training pads, poop bags,treats, food, a toy, and a new blanket with the mothers scent to make the transition easier for both you and your new pup. For payment cash or etransfer is acceptable and we will be meeting at an open public location under video surveillance for everyone’s safety :) Any questions or concerns I will be there for you and your puppy for the years to come. If interested please call, message or text me anytime day or night. 7059950966 Puppies Pom Pomsky Tiny Mini Husky Huskie Pups Pup Puppy Hybrid

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Greater Sudbury, ON P3C, Sudbury

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