8 month lab/boxer/mastiff mix. - $500


Benson is a lovable, playful 8 month old lab,boxer,mastiff mix. He was born May 27, 2019. He loves children but doesn't realize his size and in an effort to get cuddly has jumped onto my son clumsily.. my son is forgiving . We love Benson but have not been able to give him the play/exercise that he needs everyday. He also suffers from separation anxiety and has chewed up our baseboards when we've left him. We have borrowed a crate and are training him to use it so that he will feel more secure and will not be able to act out when he's alone. We regularly take him to the dog park. He loves other dogs! We also walk through the forest off leash and he stays close by and comes when called. I've taught him to sit, and shake a paw(with treats) He rarely ever barks but sometimes wimpers when he wants to be with us. He is a big baby with no aggression. At the dog park if another dog is aggressive he usually yields to the dog or is oblivious and continues to try to play with them. He needs grain free, chicken free food. When I've accidentally given him the wrong food he broke out in an awful rash that turns into big red bumps that he'll scratch non stop until bleeding. He is not neutered yet, the vet said to wait until he's 10 months old. He is up to date with all his shots, I have the paperwork. We love Benson and want him to go to a loving home where he will get the love and attention he deserves and needs. He comes with his food, treats, toys, beds, collar, leash and booties. He needs booties especially in the snow on long walks because his paw pads have cracked.

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Ottawa / Gatineau Area

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