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Dogs to a GOOD Home Dogs to a GOOD Home

These dogs are wonderful and beautiful animals. Due to very unfortunate circumstances we have to rehome them. We are completely devastated by this. They are both male, neutered and have up to date rabies shots. Their names are Loki and Raiden. Loki is a pure bred German Sheppard (We do not have papers for him.) He was born on April 16, 2012. He's about 100lbs - he's very tall and slender. He's clumsy, sweet, loyal and he loves hugs. Loki is very excitable and just wants to run and play - he's very goofy. Raiden is half husky, half Australian Sheppard and roughly 55lbs. He was born on July 3, 2012. He's smart, sweet. Very cuddly. He likes to follow his owner. He'll sit quietly in a corner and just observe what's going on around him. Certainly the more serious dog. They are a bonded pair and we'd love for them to stick together. Their dynamic is very funny to see. Raiden is the boss of Loki. They do play fight but they love each other very much. They are house trained but we feel they'd do best on a farm. We would like to meet you and see where you live to know they are going to the best possible place. They are very very special to us and it's breaking our hearts to have to do this so we just need to know they are going to the best place. In our experience they are not good with other pets. Perhaps another large dog. They did have a lab friend.. but the introduction would need to be slow. They have only ever been around kids over the age of 13 so we do not know how they'd be with a younger child. Please, serious inquiries only. Feel free to text me at 6137957140 - I am quick to answer.

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